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Pachoras. Cathedral of Aetios.
Pachoras. Cathedral of Aetios.
organized by Warsaw University
Institute of Archaeology and
Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology

       The 11th International Conference of Nubian Studies is intended to bring together members of the International Society of Nubian Studies, established in Warsaw in 1972, and specialists and students worldwide, interested in the ancient history and archaeology of Nubia, the territories of the Nile Valley and the deserts south of the first cataract (i.e. southern Egypt and northern Sudan).
The conference will run from August 27 (Sunday) to September 2 (Saturday), 2006.

       Following the tradition of previous meetings – in Warsaw in 1972, Chantilly in 1975, Cambridge in 1978, The Hague in 1979, Heidelberg in 1982, Uppsala in 1986, Geneva in 1990, Lille in 1994, Boston in 1998 and Rome in 2002 – the conference will be organized into plenary sessions dedicated to a discussion of new perspectives in studies on the history and archaeology of successive phases in Nubian antiquity, namely:
       • Prehistoric
       • Kerma period and Ancient Kush
       • Pharaonic
       • Napatan
       • Meroitic
       • Late Antique and Medieval
and into parallel sessions devoted to:
       • recent excavations
       • documents, texts, inscriptions and graffiti
       • society in the Nubian kingdoms
       • Nubian civilization – tradition and sources of inspiration
       • and special session devoted to
                salvage excavations in the Fourth Cataract area

Panel discussions will be held on the following themes:
       • architecture – town and settlement
       • iconography – representations of rulers
       • religious ceremony inside sacral buildings – temple and church
       • languages in the Nubian Kingdoms – official and vernacular

Other topics are welcome as well.

Presentations of recent excavations and studies are invited in poster form.

Registration deadline is October 31, 2005.

               W³odzimierz Godlewski                                        Adam £ajtar

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