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July 13
London is weighing heavily on our minds. The marketing manager at Hotel Harenda expressed the hope that no bombs will threaten next year, during the conference. Anyway, we've gotten a few more offers from hotels and they are noted in the table on the Accommodations page. HOLIDAY INN has been especially generous, so be sure to check. It is located right in center Warsaw, opposite a stupendous shopping and entertainment mall that is under construction right now, so it well might be ready by the time the conference starts next year. June 22
Time for the Second Circular. Off it goes together with the Registration Form. We’d be happy, if all registration forms are in by October 31, 2005. Iwona thinks she can prepare a surprise souvenir for those who will make the deadline. Just a little something to make you think warmly of your stay in Poland!
It’s been Iwona’s job to negotiate the hotel options. For those who can manage it, the Royal Le Meridien BRISTOL is a real prize. A fine hotel with tradition, a witness to history in the making. And so close to the University, too. Not to mention the Presidential Palace, which is right next door. The other three are just hotels, but fair in their respective classes. Hotel GROMADA is offering its newest four-star section with air-conditioning. (Let’s just hope the weather next August-September will warrant its usefulness).
Grzegorz will be helping out with the cheaper accommodations. He’s already had a look at a number of facilities and found them to be quite fair.
We’ve also come up with the idea of a ‘sharing service’ – assuming people want to share accommodations to cut expenses, we can act as go-betweens, getting them together. So anybody who wants to share a room, can write us and we’ll put him on a list that will be circulated among those interested. No strings attached!
Website Wiz Robert is working on a map, which will give an idea of the location of various hotels with regard to the conference venue at the main campus of Warsaw University.

June 21
One more reminder sent out, generating another batch of replies for Database Grzegorz to deal with.

June 15
Robert has joined the team. He’s our computer wiz and he will be helping Iwona make this site a sight better and livelier!

May 15
Pre-registration closes.
Grzegorz has done a great job on the database. We’ve received 130 replies, offering 107 communications (papers and posters). Interestingly, 20% of the participants pre-registered on-line with only two cases of reported malfunction on the website.
It’s been over five months since we started out with the conference. It’s been a busy time, although nothing much to report on in terms of news. We’ve been looking at venues, negotiating with hotels, budgeting the conference, but foremost waiting. Waiting for pre-registration forms to come in. Wondering whom we’ve missed, who isn’t answering because he or she is in the field – there are still places with no e-mail contact with the world! – who should be contacted directly. Checking the backlog of info about defunct e-mails. Still, the faulty address list is getting shorter and shorter.

May 11
Reminders sent out.
We’ve also included first-circular information about the conference with the most recent volume (no. XV) of Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, Reports for 2003, being shipped out to institutions and libraries around the world. A bit late, certainly, but hopefully people will understand and whoever is interested, will get in touch anyway.

February 6-10, 2005
Call for papers and First Circular sent out. The ship has been launched. Now we’re in waiting mode, except for the rain of defunct e-mail addresses pouring in! It’s a bit like archaeology – digging through various Internet resources to find valid addresses to members of the Society and potentially interested non-members.

Here’s the text of Włodek’s letter of invitation sent in lieu of the First Circular:

Warsaw, January 26, 2005

Dear colleague,
I have the satisfaction and pleasure to invite you to Warsaw for the next Conference of Nubian Studies to be held in late August and early September of 2006. For the Society it will be a homecoming of sorts, a point of historic reference, but there will be no dwelling on the past - unless it is the Nubian past.
I am sure you will agree with me that the scale of recent archaeological undertakings and the results which are pouring in on all sides have spurred researchers into revising their views and tackling new perspectives in the study of Ancient Nubia in all its diversity practically from day to day.
It is my hope that the conference in Warsaw will create a timely forum for discussing the newest findings and their repercussions for Nubian studies today. All the more so that it will follow the tradition of ten previous conferences in bringing together our community of Nubiologists, and forming the kind of close-knit international ties that stand at the root of our successful cooperation on projects of such importance as the newest campaign to salvage the antiquities in the region of the Fourth Cataract.
Looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw,
Sincerely yours,

Włodzimierz Godlewski

February 6, 2005
Inauguration of the service.
Karol Nowakowski has done a fine job designing this site, now it will be Iwona’s task to keep it filled and working. It’s not betraying any secrets to say that the fine frieze in our letterhead is Włodek’s.

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