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Update to Second Circular

Dear All,

       The 11th Conference of Nubian Studies is still some months away, but since the registration deadline has passed and many of you will be thinking of making your travel and accommodation plans well ahead of time, we thought we would pass on some interim news on the preparations.

       First of all, for purely practical reasons we have extended the registration deadline until March 1, 2006, to accommodate those who are only now returning from the field. So if you know of anyone who wants to participate but has not yet registered, please inform them about the extended deadline. Forms are available through our webpage www.nubia2006.uw.edu.pl.
       For your convenience, we have published a list of participants, registered and pre-registered, so that you can check whether your registration form has reached the organizers in good order. If not, please contact us at this e-mail address.

       Our website is also a good address for those of you looking for accommodations in Warsaw. Under "Accommodations" you will find a plan of Warsaw city center with the major hotels recommended by the organizers and relevant links for making your reservations. Also look under "Conference venue" for some pictures of the University's freshly restored Old Library, where most of the conference will be taking place.

       Those planning to visit places other than Warsaw either before or after the Conference, are invited to look at the offer presented on the website under "Fieldtrips and events" [to be posted after January 25]. A reliable Polish tour operator has prepared special trips for Congress participants, one-day excursions to Kraków-Wieliczka Salt Mines and to Gdańsk-Malbork Castle and an overnight trip to Białowieża Forest. We strongly recommend the latter, if you can only stay an extra night or two after the Congress. Take a look at the details of the program and prices (fieldtrips are not covered by the registration fee) and let us know whether you are interested. You can use the special submission form on the webpage or drop us a line at this e-mail address. Places are limited on the Białowieża trip, so don't wait too long!
       Please make sure you make your travel and hotel arrangements accordingly!

       Just so the Conference is never far from your mind for the next few months, we have prepared this desktop calendar for your computers, presenting Ancient Nubian painting from Polish excavations, compliments of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of Warsaw University. You can download it from our website along with instructions how to install it. If you'd like a hard-copy of the calendar, write us a mail with your mailing address and we'll be glad to send it to you.

       Just as a reminder, the deadline for abstracts is mid April 2006.

       Wishing you a Prosperous and Happy New Year and hoping to see you soon in Warsaw,

               Włodzimierz Godlewski                Adam Łajtar

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