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cover discovery of the year
calendar front cover 1024x768
calendar front cover 800x600
discovery of the year 1024x768
discovery of the year 800x600

To make our calendar appear on your desktop:
  1. Choose one of the following links to get a full-sized view of the picture you want in the resolution you want.
  2. Right-click on the selected image and a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Pick the "Set As Wallpaper" or "Set As Background" option (Opera users should select "Use image as ->" then "Desktop background" option).
  4. For better effect, use brick-color scheme (to do this: if you have WinXP, right-click on your pulpit, pick "Properties", activate "Appearance" panel, pick "Windows Classic" from the "Windows and buttons" list and "Brick" from the "Color scheme" list).
2006 Computer Desktop CALENDAR Download
resolution 1024x768 size resolution 800x600 size
January - February
March - April
May - June
July - August
September - October
November - December
367 KB
315 KB
343 KB
383 KB
314 KB
339 KB
January - February
March - April
May - June
July - August
September - October
Novemeber - December
305 KB
277 KB
291 KB
316 KB
275 KB
288 KB
January - December zipped  1447 KB January - December zipped 1169 KB

       You can also download all the pictures zipped in one package (above) in the resolution you want. Change them every two months in order to have up-to-date calendar information on your desktop.
       Do it manually (in WinXP, chose picture file in Start > Control Panel > Desktop > Appearance and Themes > Display > Browse - more on www.microsoft.com) or download small freeware program - from www.desktopchanger.com - which will do it for you.

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