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Second Circular


Pahoras. Cathedral of Aetios.
Pahoras. Cathedral of Aetios.

of the 11th International Conference of Nubian Studies is intended to provide you with information concerning practical matters, such as registration fee and forms of payment, and conference accommodation.

We are pleased to note that no less than 130 colleagues have returned the reply form and that 107 communications (papers and posters) have been proposed. We ask that you kindly fill in the Registration Form, specifying more precisely the title of your presentation and the relevant fields of study it applies to. This will be of assistance to us in planning the conference program. Should any of your personal data (notably, address, e-mail etc.) have changed in the meantime, please note so accordingly in the form.
Registration Forms should reach us preferably by October 31, 2005.

The conference fee for participants is Euro 110.
Registered students, observers and accompanying persons pay Euro 60.
The fee covers conference materials, book of abstracts, refreshments during the conference and official gala dinner.

Payment can be made directly to our account or by credit card (see the Registration Form for details and terms of payment). Fees will also be accepted in cash at registration.

In order to ensure that enough appropriate hotel accommodation will be available during the conference, we have taken an option on rooms in various hotels in Warsaw, all within walking distance of the conference venue or very near (max. 10 minutes by bus). Check under accommodations for a current list of hotels and further information, including a map of centre Warsaw around the conference venue.

Participants are requested to book hotel rooms themselves (please refer to ‘Nubia 2006’).

Sharing can be fun and useful, too! So, we thought we would operate an info service for those of you who may wish to share a room with another conference participant to cut expenses. If you cannot find someone to share with readily, drop us a note at nubia2006@uw.edu.pl, subject: sharing accommodation, and we will add your name and e-mail address to a list of sharers and distribute it among those wishing to share. While we cannot be responsible in any way for the results of said sharing, we hope it will help in getting people together and organizing their stay in Warsaw.

We would like to wish everyone a peaceful vacation and success in your individual study fields, and particularly an exciting and rewarding season for those planning archaeological fieldwork during the winter months.
We do not expect to bother you with further circulars earlier than next summer. However, we shall be calling for half-page abstracts in the beginning of April 2006.

Gearing up for the conference, we shall make an effort to make our website informative and useful for those planning their stay in Poland around the conference. So be sure to check what’s new on our page.

W³odzimierz Godlewski                Adam £ajtar

For a full text of the SECOND CIRCULAR download here.

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